Interactive Whiteboard

Video of Dr. Susan Mulroney’s (Georgetown U Medical Center) use of SMART Notebook to review entire med school module on GU physiology (the famous soup to poop talk)

  • note that Sue free hands this the whole way vs pulling in any images or PPT slides though this is easily done if desired. This was done on a big SMARTboard (maybe 80”), captured via lecture capture software (though it could have been captured via the SMARTboard itself), and it can also be run through the projector so a big room can watch the projection. You also may want to check out the SMARTboard tools along the side and bottom of the board.

Video of John Lindner’s (College of Wooster Physics dept) use of a sort of desktop size SMARTboard called Sympodium (this is at least 10 years old):

  • note at ~1:30-2:00 minutes, John groups objects to shrink them and move them out of the way and he can then bring them back whenever he wants. He makes a similar move ~4:30 minutes. The Sympodium allows John to face the class while he is drawing and talking and the image is projected via classroom projection. The images you are seeing of him are just so you get the vibe of what the setup for a student would be—facing John, watching him draw (note he has students participate at various times), seeing the projected image. You might also notice the toolbar on the side though John opts for physically toggling e.g. between pen color by touching options on the Sympodium itself (at the top).

Scholarly Article: “The features of interactive whiteboards and their influence on learning,” Steve Kennewella and Gary Beauchamp at Swansea School of Education, UK

  • note the long list of actions and examples of those actions that can be taken with IWBs
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