Reasons to use Panopto

Panopto can enhance or even transform your instruction using screencasting, lecture capture, and uploading or linking to outside videos.  Excellent for thinking outside the 9.5 Weeks… or for enhancing what you are already doing.  With Panopto you can:

  1. Create, collect, organize, and re-use your own (or YouTube/Vimeo) video content
  2. Deliver content for out-of-class consumption, allowing for more hands-on classwork
  3. Offer Distance Learning / Academic Continuity:  Class cancelled?  Student out sick?  Student not living on Carleton’s campus?  Content can still get to them.
  4. Have students easily review or take notes within the software.
  5. Track student engagement/effort through analytics
  6. View grades from Polls/Quizzes (including Video Quizzes) and/or provide Video Feedback to students
  7. Have students create Panopto recordings for peer review or to submit to professor (oral presentations, translating text, explain processes, Literature reviews/summaries, etc.)
  8. Allow/encourage students to use Panopto recordings for their Digital Portfolios
  9. Flip your course or make it more modular
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