Course Tools

A swiss army knife contains the essential tools. What essential tools will you use in your course?

Instructors have more tools at their fingertips than ever before.  Sometimes the hardest (but most important) thing we can do for our students and our sanity is to . . . to limit ourselves.  Before starting a new course, consider creating a list of the tools you’ll be using regularly as part of your instruction.  Below is a sample list that might be used in a standard course. Items in [brackets] indicate a viable alternative tool instructor.

Learning Management System:       Moodle

Grading:                                            Moodle

Course Discussions:                         Moodle

Homework/Video Dropbox:      [Google Drive]

Video Peer Review:                           Vimeo / Youtube (upload to one of these sites.  Share the link via discussion threads)

ePortfolio:                                          Wordpress/Edublogs

Videoconferencing:                            Skype [Google Hangouts]

Individual Communication with Instructor:          Email and Phone  (Office Hours 8am-6pm CST)

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