Presentation and Visual Design

Presentation and visual design skills can be developed to help make our communications more effective.  They are fields of study and practice which can take years to master.  Most people do not have the time, drive or interest to delve so deeply into these areas of design.  We all, though, are required to make design decisions whenever we create presentation materials – papers, blog posts, graphs, charts, slides, etc.

Presentation and design opportunities are embedded into many assignments across the curriculum and throughout the work of the college. Clear and effective expression is enhanced by thoughtful design choices. Design choices, like word choices, have an impact on our ability to understand/comprehend a given message. The migration of typography and visualization to our personal devices, combined with the rising number of written / poster / presentation assignments, have made presentation and visual design into skills that all of us need to master, at least a little.

There’s more about presentation and visual design at the [ pvd ] site next door.

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